Meenabharani Festival 2016
  2016 Appril 2-8

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Temple Trust

The temple is governed by a registered body viz. Kariyam Devi Temple Trust registered on 18th October 1986 with its register number as 750/86.. Ever since the trust commenced its administration, there has been considerable improvement and development in the temple. The day to day temple administration and operations are  is held with a 15 member executive committee. The present executive committee members and office bearers (2015-17) of the Trust elected during the Annual General Body meeting are the following.


Name and Address
Contact Number
Sri. V. Venappan Nair, Vilayil Veedu, Venchavode President 9847559003
Sri. R. Ajith Kumar, Ramlalith, Venchavode Secretary 9447758575
Sri. R. Ajith Kumar, Panchavadi, Durga Lane Treasurer 9447059619
Sri. C.P. Madhavan Pillai , Seema Bahavan, Thazhekariyam Vice President 9446431714
Sri. R.V. Anoopraj, Kariyathu Kavumpurathu Veedu, Thazhekariyam Joint Secretary 9961336400
Sri. C.V. Ajith Kumar, Ajith Bahvan, Panichal, Kariyam Member 9400006507
Sri.B. Somasekhar, Harichandram, Kannankara Member 9497960049
Sri.M. Sukumaran Nair, Nirmala Bhavan, Thazhekariyam Member 9447772098
Sri.M. Reghunathan Nair, Sivodayam, Venchavode Member 9847183416
Sri. S. Vijaya Kumar, Bharatheeyam, Kariyam Member 9895241258
Sri. Gopakumar , Kunchuveedu, Kariyam Member 9447754162
Sri. Vinaya Kumar, Vineetha Bhavan, Thazhekariyam Member 9847160886
Sri. R.G. Anoopkumar, Thrikketta, Kariyam Member 9446004848
Sri. Praveen MS, Karthika, Thazhekariyam Member 9947170571

Sri. Sunil A Nair, Revathy, Kariyam